Guitar Art Decals
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I intend to add installation instructions later.

First Guitar With Art Decal (30 Aug 2006) This is the first guitar with one of the android originals LC art decals installed.

This is one of the images from GALLERY 3. The process is still under development. For this first guitar, the installation took too much time and handwork. And after this installation it is apparent that a typical van-wrap vinyl decal is too soft by itself, even with the standard protective overlaminate used in vehicle wraps. I added a much tougher overlaminate made for floor decals, and. made a few boggles. But they won't show to the audience, and I will work on better methods to avoid them.

Second Guitar With Art Decal (Nov 2006)

Some holes the back of the guitar, painted blue, lighten it by fraction of a pound. Before installation, this decal was covered with a tough matte vinyl overlaminate, OCE 6.5 mil TSLA (see Display Graphics -> Laminates), rated not to yellow, fog or lose transparency for up to one year normal indoor vertical exposure, according to the Manufacturer's Produce Reference Sheet. This document makes no reference to the two year durability and UV protection claimed for it by the retailer ( in their Fall 2006 catalog. This particular material, laminated over the decal already covered with a standard laminate, didn't always adhere perfectly, leaving some cloudy areas and small pinhead sized bubbles. They tended to fade with time and temperature. The overlaminate could be peeled up by the guitar strap where it rubbed on the edges, so it required tacking down with narrow strips of the regular soft overlaminate (click here).

The body of the guitar was covered after cutting the decal to a tracing. Leftover part of that decal and parts of a second cover the neck and headstock. At first the strings were painted, as shown, but later stripped back to bare wire.

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