Tablature for Thumbs on One String
Love Me Tender
© 2006 android originals LC

   Apologies to Elvis. This is one of the first I learned to play this way. I picked it out from memory by ear, and I'm only guessing at the words. Those of you who know better, do it right.

Love0 me4 ten2-der4, love5 me4 true5  for5 I4 love2 you4 so5

Love0 me4 ten2-der4, love5 me4 true5  ne5-ver4 let2 me4 go5

Love9 me9 ten9-der9, love9 me9 true9  all9 my7 dreams5 ful7-fill9

For9 my9 dar10-ling9 I7 love5 you7  and7 I9 al10-ways4 will5


© 2006 don baker dba android originals LC