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Greensleeves / What Child Is This
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Back in the '60s I never heard the words to Greensleeves sung. It was always an instrumental peice. But the same tune is used for the hymn, What Child Is This? So I'm going to use those words here.

What3 child7 is9 10this12 who10 laid9 to5 2rest3 on5 Ma7-ry's5 3lap2 is3 sle5-ep2-ing0

Whom3 an7-gels9 10greet12 with10 an9-thems5 2sweet3 while5 7she5-pards3 3watch0 are2 keep3-ing3

This14 14this13 is11 Christ9 the5 0King2 whom3 shep7-ards5 3guard2 and3 ang5-els2 sing0

Here14 14haste13 to11 bring9 him5 2laud3 the5 7Babe5 the3 3Son0 of2 Ma3-ry3


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