Tablature for Thumbs on One String
Blackbird (The Beatles)
© 2006 android originals LC
This is the short version, illustrating all the fret-notes. Find an original to get all of the verses and repeated phrases. The two 10-fret notes on the first line are easier if played on a lower fret on a higher note string.

Black3 bird3 sing3 ing3 in3 the3 dead3 of10 night10

Take7 these3 bro5 ken3 wings8 and7 learn8 to10 fly7

All5 your7 life3   you3 were3 on3 ly5 wait7 ting5 for3 this9 mo5 ment3 to7 a5 rise3

Black8-slide-bird3 fly3  Black8-slide-bird3 fly3

In7 to8 the9 light10 of9 the7 dark5 black7 night5


© 2006 don baker dba android originals LC